Fly fishing glasses on a Budget – Quick Tip

Safety Glasses

So commonsense says to protect your eyes. But I lose sunglasses or break them. I also don’t want to spend hundred of dollars on all conditions.

The other problem is I do a lot of low light fishing. So combined with my expensive sunglass wrecking habit that was a problem. Then I had a rare moment of genius and bought some safety glasses from the local Hardware supplies – means Bunnings in Australia.

For $15 i got the clear 3M glasses and they are light and comfortable, no real issues with using them. In fact I have been using them the last few weeks in the evenings with no problems. So that solves the problem of having a hook coming past your head at 100km/h (60mph) – Yeah I roughly calculated it once.

Definitely at some point I probably will buy some specialist low light glasses but they are $300 and to be honest I am not entirely sure they would make that much of a difference practically. They would put a big ding in my wallet though.

Anyway just an idea for you to think about.

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