Thompson Creek Dam Visit

Ok so now the pics are on my phone – so I will try and be clever and login from my phone…

So that worked.

The really short version is – I got suburnt and didn’t even get a bite. Thought I saw a fish splash but to be brutally honest it could also have been one of those little birds that hang around there.

The full details of this are it was my first trip there. So in that sense I suppose it could have been worse. After a 90min drive and then a 20-30min walk up there, I discovered that I had forgotten my carefully prepared fly box from the night before.

I did have my streamer box with mostly useless stuff, but a few Woolly Buggers to save the day. I also had Bass Poppers and some Chernobyl Ants. So after a bit of scanning, scouting and stumbling. Along with the “look”. The one where you try and make it look like you have your shit together. I realised I probably didnt have much of a clue what I was doing.

I managed to get my leader tangled in every rock around me, and that was before I had even made a cast. In fairness one of my smarter decisions was not to even open my SA Sinking leader pouch. Figuring no point wrecking more gear.

So I had a few casts and being the middle of summer it was getting pretty hot. That was when I realised I had forgotten my hat and left the sunscreen way back at the car. From that point on it was just a battle of stubborness until I gave in at about 6pm for the trek home.

Ok, so it didnt even come close to my night before plans. But…I will be back and can see the potential. I didnt do the full lap so there are probably much better places to fish. I will definitely try not to forget things like err flies. And being a clear still water dam, bright sun in the middle of summer is not exactly putting the odds in my favour.

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