Rainbow Trout

Early Introductions of Rainbow Trout into Australia (1870s-1880s)

Background: The late 19th century marked a period of fervent exploration and experimentation in the world of fisheries management, driven by the aspirations of organizations like the Victorian Acclimatization Society in Australia. In the 1870s and 1880s, the society embarked on a groundbreaking mission to introduce non-native species to Australian waters, seeking to establish a…

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Gudgeons are a group of small freshwater fish belonging to the family Eleotridae. They are primarily found in freshwater environments, such as rivers, streams, ponds, and wetlands. Gudgeons exhibit a diverse range of species, and their characteristics can vary, but they generally share some common

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Sand Fly

Australian Sand Flies

Authors Note: I really hate these things. I went to school in Cairns, Queensland and back then they annoyed me, but were more an inconvenience. However the last time I fished Trinity Inlet I was a bit dumb and got bitten on my legs. I spent a couple of days in agony and at one…

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